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Curtis DeGidio has independently been studying photography since 1994. He is currently studying photography at Lakeland Community College under the instruction of such photographic masters as Dr. Bruce Cline, Dave Thum, and Frank Prpic. In the summer of 2005, he will be relocating from Willoughby, OH to Athens, OH to finish his formal education with studies in photojournalism at Ohio University.

Although he intends on becoming a full time photojournalist in the future, he currently enjoys using his skills in the freelance market. No shoot is ever to small and all shoots recieve equal attention. From portraiture to fashion work, Curtis always finds a way to develope his style and deliver to his clients the best work possible.

For his personal work, Curtis has used his lens as a means of exploring the major cities of the Eastern United States and Canada. From Cleveland to Chicago, Toronto to Memphis, every city has provided him a photographic journey that constantly has him hitting the road for weekend adventures.

Future projects planned include a documentary essay capturing the current culture in Cleveland's world famous Grog Shop concert club. In the works is also series that will expose his love of equine creatures and the enviroments that man has created for them.


April 2004 - Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, OH: Misc. Pieces
August 2004 - Enclave Coffee Shop, Willoughby, OH: Cleveland Deviants Art Show: Evelyn and Other Works






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